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We had a great time touring the fire station yesterday – check out some of the pictures! (It’s hard to take photos of reflective gear!)

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Parent pundits

Kids learn everything through relationships.

Did you know relationships teach children the critical basics they need for creating successful lives? Through relationships kids learn problem solving, communicating, eye-contact, patience, social and emotional skills, language, self-control and more. Instead of keeping the peace with screens – take that valuable time and connect with your child.

Limit screen times.

The teachers at First United Church Nursery School offer these tips to help you raise your child in a screen machine world:

  • Take time to talk with your child and listen.
  • Make transitions going to and from school special. Greet your child with your full attention. Put your phones down and connect with your child.
  • Build your child’s vocabulary and language with one-on-one time.
  • Children learn eye contact through relationships so when you are conversing with your child, put your phone down and connect.
  • Pay attention to your own screen usage – you are your child’s role model.
  • Around town – turn off your car’s DVD and interact. For family trips, limit your DVD time. Make your trip special by creating a trip box filled with library books, games, crayons, coloring books.
  • Turn off the TV before school and during meal time. Bring topics of conversation to the table and engage.
  • TV and other screens can be enjoyed together. Know what internet sites your child is on. Watch TV together and discuss what you view.

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