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Melissa Black Ford of Empowered Parenting Solutions and a blogger for OakPark.com says:

Turning off screens provides endless learning opportunities. Tuning into community helps grow our connections with our family, friends and neighbors.

Read about two high school girls turning off screens for a day.




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Congratulations to all who are participating in TVTO. This is a great opportunity to turn off our electronics and focus on our families, friends, and the fun of interacting around books, board games, and crafts. There are so many things we can do together that can enhance our personal connections, further develop our social skills, and that are just plain fun when we take the time to do them together.

 Joanne Trahanas, River Forest District 90 Curriculum Director

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TV Tune Out is about choosing times to turn off your screen and get involved in your community! We encourage you to join this effort and take part in a variety of screen-free activities from April 8-14, 2012!

TV Tune Out is sponsored by Collaboration for Early Childhood Care and Education, River Forest & Forest Park Public Libraries, and the park districts, elementary school librarians, and PTOs of Forest Park, Oak Park, and River Forest, IL.

Check back soon for events happening during April 8-14, 2012!

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